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Security Doors: The Importance of Security Gates

Security Doors & Windows, and security gates, should be a priority for any home or business owner. Your family and business are products of your own labours.  Years of dreaming, planning, and creation went into them.  Thus, you should entrust their safety to a reputable security company. One of the best plans you can put into place for them is that of business and house security.

Peace of mind in this regard is achievable.  Keeping your loved ones and business safe is often a matter of installing expandable gates, expandable trellis fixtures create a strong barrier that protects you, your loved ones and your assets. This, though, needs the expertise of a trusted security door & windows.

For All-In-One Trellis, our expandable trellis products are under research and development constantly. This allows us to ensure that only the highest quality products reach our customers. Our professional teams provide the utmost level of service, too.  Thus, they and our expandable products make us industry leaders.

A Security Trellis Gate – Specifications are as such:

All-In-One products have 2 options for client preferences. We have a range of all steel products including steel top track, bottom track, with steel twin legs and steel bearings, scissors (flights) and uprights, we also offer an option of plastic twin legs as well as an aluminium bottom track which is more flatten than steel and less obtrusive. All gates over 1 meter come standard with slam and standard locks.

Price vs Quality in Business and Home Security Doors & Windows

The relationship between quality and price is an important factor.  This needs consideration when deciding on your business and house security doors & windows solutions. The most affordable business and house security doors & windows options aren’t necessarily the best.

The build and material quality of the gate play a big part in barring entry to undesirable elements. This is especially true for those that are willing to force their way into your home or business. Let’s take the example of a security gate company that offers powder coated steel gates. The security gate company does this because they are more difficult to saw or break through. Most come with slam-lock functionality, as well as dead lock.

Security Gate Aesthetics

Security Gate functionality and strength are important factors.  But, aesthetics are also an important security gate factor.  Ideally, your gate should match the look and colour scheme of the building it’s installed into. Of course, aesthetics shouldn’t override the level of protection provided by security gates. Indeed, compromising on the quality of your security gates for how they look is never a good idea. This means you’ve likely missed the point of having one in the first place.

Other Benefits of Security Gates

Aside from offering business and home security doors & windows, gates offer several benefits. For one, having a gate installed often reduces insurance policy costs. So, for both home security doors & windows and financial savings, they are a strong consideration.  Another benefit is the value that this form of business and house security doors & windows adds. Having expandable security gates installed often raises the value of the property itself. Thus, an expandable security gate is always a very worthy investment.

Going the Extra Mile in Business and Home Security Doors & Windows 

Expandable security gates are useful for more than just locking up the outside of your home. Indeed, expandable security gates are also useful indoors. It’s a good idea to protect areas of business and home that contain valuables. (We highly offer the “safe zone” option as a must).  Locking these behind a gate makes them that much more protected against burglars.  As such, gates add an often-crucial extra step in house security doors & windows.

All-In-One: Your Security Doors & Windows Company of Choice

All-In-One dedicates themselves towards securing client interests. Knowing this, we provide them with absolute peace of mind.  Our team are highly experienced in designing, supplying and installing these security slam-lock trellis gates & window trellis units. This makes us your security doors & windows company of choice.

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