Choosing Your Security Doors

Security doors are an essential element in any modern household. This is especially true if your home lacks a security gate of some kind. Nowadays, the initial responsibility for crime prevention falls squarely on your shoulders. Thus, burglar proofing your home as much as possible is always a good idea!

If you’re thinking about installing a new door, you should account for several factors. The quality of your security door locks and warranties on your security solutions are a few.

Material of Your Security Doors and Security Door Locks

Most security doors are of steel, aluminium, or metal alloy construction. This is much the same for security door locks. Each material is very strong, if manufactured properly. But, you need more aluminium when manufacturing a door to achieve the same strength as steel. Additionally, the door frames will need widening to accommodate the increased size.
Installing the proper door frame also does its own part in crime prevention. Usually, you’ll have the option of flush-mounted or tube-frame installations. Flush mounting provides a more natural look for your burglar-proofing methods. Both, though, effectively provide security.

Painting Your Security Solutions

There are a couple of methods you can use when it comes to painting your security solutions. You’ll find that outdoor paint is often the cheaper method, but that comes with a caveat. Most paint isn’t heat tested, or even heat resistant. This means you’ll need to prepare for repainting your security doors in future.

Powder coating is a more expensive method, but also reduces maintenance. Powder coating is electrostatically applied to a surface, and then cured under heat. As such, it has a harder finish that’s far more resistant to heat, wear, and tear. What’s more, you can powder coat your security door locks for a seamless finish. Your burglar proofing can provide security AND style to your home!

Further Burglar Proofing

Finding the right door for crime prevention can be somewhat challenging if you don’t know what to look for. But, you can get yourself on the right track by looking for certain features that mark a good product. For all your security solutions, be sure to stick to well-known, reputable companies.

Keep an eye out for mitered corners and joints. Security doors should have corners that are solid steel or aluminium. If the corners are hollow, it’s possible to access them and damage the door. Additionally, water can penetrate the frame through these hollow corners, causing rust. Also, don’t forget about your security door locks. There’s no use having a tough security door if the lock is easily bypassed.

Ask About Guarantees and Warranties

When dealing with an installer, ask them about guarantees and warranties they offer on their security solutions. Any installer worth their salt will be able to back up their burglarproofing claims.
Find out everything you can in this department. If you have a break-in, or the door falls off the frame, you should make sure they’ll replace it. Your door will be no good at crime prevention if the installer isn’t willing to cover their fair share.

With this info in mind, you can rest just a bit easier when choosing your security doors!


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