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Security Products – Tips for Choosing Security Barriers

If you’re looking for a security barrier, South Africa is certainly the right place. Security barriers offer an excellent level of protection and peace of mind for the home. These barriers include doors burglar bars, and other security products. This article will expand on finding the best security product for your needs.

When it comes to finding the right security barrier, it can be difficult to decide what suits your needs. Aside from personal requirements and value for money, there are other important considerations. Take these into account before installing your preferred security barriers.

Get a Trusted Contractor to Install Your Security Barrier

Installing burglar bars and other security products may seem like a simple matter. But, unless you’re experienced in their installation, it’s not recommended to do so. Instead, you should leave it up to a well-known or otherwise reputable contractor.

You should handle any security product installation in this manner. There are many factors involved in the correct installation of a security barrier. A reputable company can account for these, and ensure you get the best end result.

Where Possible, Install Your Security Product Inside

Aside from burglar bars, it’s usually best to install your security barriers inside. This is especially true for gates or sliding doors that have locking mechanisms. Many smarter criminals will have a means of tampering with and bypassing these locks.

Additionally, security products, like gates, are more prone to wear when outside. Despite the warranty length, you want your security product to last as long as possible.

Secure the Essentials with Burglar Bars

Should your security barrier budget be tight, then it’s time to consider essentials. Most important among these, of course, are family members and you. Install security gates and barriers at all points that provide direct access to family members.

Burglar bars are an excellent option here. They aren’t as expensive as most other options, and they can effectively secure an area of the house. As a security product, burglar bars are simple, low maintenance, and highly effective.

All-in-One Security Gates – Value for Money with Effective Security

With this information in mind, you should find selecting security products much simpler. All-in-One are your preferred choice in fulfilling your security barrier needs. We are a reputable company with years of experience installing security barriers.

We can offer all necessary with regards to burglar bars and other security products. In so doing, we provide our clients with peace of mind, and the confidence to trust in our capabilities.

For further queries, contact us today.

Trellis Gate: What are Trellis Security Gates?

A trellis gate is a swinging or folding gate that makes use of several marvel features. For
example, trellis gates use a special lock, allowing it to swing outwards or fold inwards. In
this way, a trellis door is convenient for maximising open space available. Trellis security
gates are also aluminium construction, making them a strong security feature. You’ll find
that any reputable security company in JHB can supply these gates.

A trellis gate ensures a good level of protection for your home, business, or other property.
What’s more, their novel folding and swinging design makes them highly useful. Indeed,
should you need to move large and bulky items around, trellis gates won’t get in the way.
Here, we’ll look at the different aspects of owning a trellis door.

Are Trellis Gates Necessary?

Any security company in JHB will push the necessity of security on you. And unfortunately,
to a large extent, they are correct. Crime is a sobering reality in South Africa, and especially
Johannesburg. It’s a reality strong enough to make trellis security gates a necessity.

We can have a look at the 2017/2018 crime statistics in South Africa. A total of 228 000
house burglaries occurred, or almost 630 houses per day. Think you don’t need a trellis gate
or a few trellis gates for your home? Well, on top of those numbers, over 50% of
households did not report burglaries to the police in 2017/18.

Getting a Trellis Door or Other Security Gate is a Must

So, there now comes the matter of choosing your trellis door solutions. Most security
companies offer trellis security gates as a part of their standard product lines. So you will be
at no shortage. Optimally, you’ll want to go with a company that both supplies and installs
the gates for you. What’s more, you should ask for all the certification that can give you.

Most importantly, the security company in JHB that you go with must be able to offer
warranties and guarantees. If they can’t do that, it shows that they have no confidence in
their own trellis gate products. Finally, make sure that the trellis security gates you go for
offer a strong, metal construction. Optimally, you’ll be wanting steel or aluminium.

All-in-One – The Security Company in JHB for You

All-In-One is a security company in JHB that is all about offering the best products possible.
We design our high-quality, custom-tailored trellis gate and other products around your
safety. Over and above this, we make our trellis gates to suit the application. This way, they
offer superior security while beautifying your property.

Our trained and professional team know their trellis security gates well. Thanks to this, they
offer unsurpassed service and product delivery. All-in-One dedicates itself to making good
products great. Thus, you can trust any trellis door we supply.

For further queries, please contact us.